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Sounds like a ringing endorsement!

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I don't use Tinder because of this.

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I'm very envious that you are so Infosec savvy at only 19 years old. Can you talk a little about how you got into security or point me in the direction of where you've previously talked about your experience?

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What white rappers are doing exceptionally better than black rappers (other than Eminem/Macklemore)? And I'm sure Macklemore isn't doing nearly as well as the "big name" rap artist of today. Also, what is he supposed to do about it? Should you not be aloud to make rap music if you're white? or not be aloud to make country music if you're black? That would be ridiculous. I can guarantee the majority of teenage white girls know more lil wayne songs than they do macklemore songs. Also, who cares about radio or the grammy's? "Fancy" is doing well right now because that song is really catchy, but "happy" did even better. We live in a time were music has become very accessible and what becomes popular isn't based on skin color. I'm not saying that's how labels or radio PD's feel, and maybe I'm naive, but I think that if you make a song that appeals to the masses it doesn't matter what color you are (e.g: gangemstyle).

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Do you still think Jo Jo makes a good guard dog, or has he lost that privilege?