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I have two questions, one is an in general, one is more personal directly for you.

In speaking about depression/anxiety/ honestly any mental illness... what is the best way to approach the topics with your family/friends? I know personally I have a very old school father, who has always just said that people need to “snap out of it”, so I never share what I’m dealing with. What would be the best way to start a conversation that would be open and helping, rather than close minded and criticizing?

For you specifically, I listened to an interview with you recently (and your Instagram posts, book, all that jazz lol) where you mentioned one of the harder things you’ve dealt with was love and heartbreak, but how you’ve now found yourself hopeful for love and getting married, etc... how did you get to that point? (Again) personally I feel like I can identify with those feelings. I’ve been really hurt in the past to where I closed myself of to thinking those things for my future, but lately I’ve found myself almost mourning the future I could have had, instead of looking forward to any possibilities. I want to say I’d love to find those things, but I guess it’s just baby steps... if that makes any sense lol.

But after all that, thank you for the work you do. And for being a kind soul in this world. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but you’re heart is in the work you do and the people and stories and you make the world feel like a not so lonely place for people like me cheering you on.