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Agree. Also Paris is not really a budget destination once you get there. Hotel, food bills, museum entries, etc can rack up quickly.

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I’ve been reading your comments and you really come across as a genuine, helpful person!

A lot of what you said seems theoretically possible to me: be candid to clients, have patience to educate them, showcase new perspectives, and cut them off when they go too far. I think these are kinda ‘duh’ on paper, but also not easy to execute in real life (even just through online interaction). And honestly, can be applicable to scenarios outside of dating app profiles. Your process sounds fascinating!

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I guess it really depends on what you seek. If you're comparing Croatia to a city break in Paris/Madrid/Barcelona, then maybe it lacks that kind of museums, landmarks, or entertainment. But say if you're interested in beach, Roman ruins/historical artefacts, cuisine, then Croatia has plenty to offer.

Plitvice Lake is still, to this day, one of the most beautiful sites I've been to (only slightly beaten by Interlaken and Jasper). They share the Adratic with Italy. So actually their cuisine near the coast is quite comparable to other coastal cuisines in the region. Lovely honest cooking, wash down with simple local wine. There are plenty of sites for water sports. Overall you get a pretty good experience and value in terms of what you pay out.

Sometimes you just don't want to (can't) blow €250/night for a dinky room in Paris. Good to have options.

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Although clothes are not meant to be single-use, the popularity of fast fashion means a lot of clothes are worn only very few times. 1 in 3 adults (under 35) buys a new Christmas jumper each year. And an estimated 8 million of party clothes will be thrown out after 1 wear.

And clothing recycling schemes are an illusion. According to numbers in this BBC article, only 1% is actually recycled into another garment (12% into other materials like mattress and insulation. Which is still not a lot.)

At this point, we need to be less reliant on recycling. The 3 R’s start with ‘reduce’. That’s the direction we need to go. Overconsumption have been fuelling our economies, but it is killing our planet.

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A bit of a personal question outside of your sports. How was it like for you when you arrived in Fort McMurray? What's your biggest cultural shock?

I ask because my family immigrated from Hong Kong to Edmonton when I was pretty young. I still remember my first winter and learning about "wind chill". I frosted the tips of my ears walking 3 blocks to school! (Only afterwards did my mum and I find out the temperature with wind chill was -35C.)