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totally_not_a_zombie57 karma

I've got a blind friend and he loves to drop these around.

Some examples:

  • Sorry, I didn't see you there (by far his favorite)

  • I'll have a look

  • Let me look at the time

  • Good thing I'm wearing these sunglasses (when we comment on the intense sunlight)

totally_not_a_zombie21 karma

I missed it... of course I want to do it again, duh. You're a friggin astronaut! AND you're a cool person. Also there's no such thing as having enough of space related AMAs.

totally_not_a_zombie2 karma

Ooh, I've got a question.

I've spent my late teens experimenting with lucid dreaming and got to the point of remembering plenty of dreams, and experiencing lucid ones every month or so. Didn't ever quite make it. I've had a reality check, an object to do it with, did it throughout the day, woke up during the night and went back to sleep again after a bit, tracked my sleep cycles, yadda yadda.... But that was over 10 YEARS ago.

I'm married now. I have a job, I'm still finishing up on school, I've got a dog last week. I've got irregular sleep opportunities, and I'm often sleep deprived.

Is there a chance in hell I could ever get back to LD? It feels like I'm never going to be able to make it now.