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I agree that soft skills are a top priority but some people just have crummy people skills and still make good employees. I have a few guys on my team that are excellent technicians and they are fine people-wise if they know you and it's one on one. They are horrible in front of a customer and they know it but on the back end they are better than most. The simple solution was to not make them leads and let others handle the customer, then I can tell them what needs to be done and they are good. In addition these guys are probably some of our happiest employees, they don't want a promotion they like what they do and are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to changes in technology. I don't want an entire team of people like this but there certainly is room for this type of worker.

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For those not in the know, most marine toilets (heads) do not do very well with paper so it doesn't go into the head it either goes into a tiny trash can or straight out the window.

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$120,000!? That's nothing, your average rookie for the Cubs brings twice as much to a game.

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Jeff, I know a few scientists from Argonne and they left to go to the cern because of the research dollars being cut. How are we supposed to lead when our best and brightest are leaving.

On another note, while we are in development has there been any thought on standardizing size and interfaces and by this I mean every AAA battery is the same size and voltage regardless of who makes it. I think this will be as important as the battery itself. This would allow manufacturers to create products for the battery without having to worry about how each battery varies in shape and plug-in allowing them to go with best of breed. In addition it solves the recharging problem because a battery could simply be swapped out.

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The best way is to get as many of your friends in a car caucus night, drive them all to your precinct and represent Sanders. What a lot of people don't understand is that it doesn't take much to tip the scales but only the truly engaged show up caucus night. If you have friends in different precincts have them do the same thing.