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will you describe a typical day in your employment (as it pertains to working with a dog) and any weekly deviatiosn from your daily routine?

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thanks for the quick response!

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What's the story about how your interpreter saved you life? I'm working on being a translator in international politics, and I would love to know some of the dangers he and you faced?

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Why the fuck are you shutting up about TOR?

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Clutch! I did some medical research on Cannabinoids a few years back. My questions are these, and you can answer all of them or none of them:

1). What is the status of the development of precise oral administration devices that would allow for a healthy delivery of cannabinoids at minutely manageable doses. When I was doing research, this remained one of the largest (albeit purely mechanical) hinderances to the study of THC-9 and any uses it might have as a medicine since it would (hopefully) allow for a subject to administer effective dosages for things like eating disorders or anxiety without more perverse psychotropic effects like paranoia or short term memory inhibition.

2). An implicit assumption in the previous question is the negativity of psychotropic effects of marijuana use, most notably paranoia. I'm not super informed, however, on the history and validity of the strict assumption in all of my research that the psychotropic effects of marijuana use are bad. So, perhaps more generally, I'm trying to ask if, in your experience as a doctor, are psychotropic effects really as bad as they are made out to be (obviously any sort of psychotropic effect is going to have a risk of dependency), and how do these stigmas affect the possibilities of treatments for things like pain and anxiety (both of which are psychotropic effects themselves).

3). Who wrote solid research on medical marijuana use from the perspective of a statistically relevant sample size. (please! give me sources so I can continue learning!)

4). What advice, if any, might be applicable to other individuals looking to form advocacy groups for Drug Policy and Law reform around the globe?