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We all have each other's phone numbers and emails. We see each other constantly. Mainly phone calls - I try to call five guys a day. Some of my biggest network is coaches.

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Thanks everyone for participating. We know this isn't a finished product - we have needs, clearly have to work on defense.

I worked with the Wizards ticket office to bring all of the great Wizards fans to get a special ticket offer for Tuesday's game against the Knicks. We appreciate all of the support this season and look forward to building something special here.


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I'll answer the Rui question.

Our biggest attraction to Rui is his versatility, gifted scorer, excellent shooter. Don't be surprised to play more wing in the future. He didn't play basketball until he was 14, so there wasn't a lot of wear and tear on his body during the formidable ages. His teammates love him. Rui is kind of where the game is going, the ability to guard multiple positions, score from all over the floor. He's shot over 40% from 3-point since the All-Star break, and that part of his game must expand. We love his character and his background.

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Pretty tough to top the night when John hit the game-winner in Game 6. Magical moment was followed by the worst memory - losing Game 7 - that was very difficult.

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Re: Coach Brooks - with John's return next year, we have a higher expectation. We've said from day one this year was truly going to be about player development - and we're reaching those goals. We want to win as man games as possible, but more importantly develop and watch our talent increase. We have seven players 22 and younger, 10 new roster players this year and it's critical that they all develop.