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F/A here. Flight delays have over 100 reasons. Here are a few:

  • Pilots or f/a time out (too many duty hours make them illegal to fly)

  • Ground crew busy with other planes so they late to load bags or push back.

  • Airplane maintenance issue that needs to be checked/fixed

  • Too much runway traffic, too much air traffic around airport

  • Weather is bad at arrival airport so we are waiting (ground stop)

  • Lightning at this airport or the arrival airport

  • Release paperwork is messed up and needs to be reprinted.

  • Staff late because they are on an other arriving flight that's late.

  • We are in line to get de-iced behind 4 other planes.

  • We are waiting for another plane to back out of the gate, all gates are full.

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Not to seem like a jerk, BUT, who honestly has enough money to buy and own several different mattresses to tell you a legit opinion? Like, who can sleep on ten different mattresses in a year, and then rank, rate, or compare them? Nobody. Most people keep their mattress at LEAST 2 years, and really can't offer any kind of information beyond 'it worked good for me'.

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In 1960's, Doctors who were paid off by Big Tobacco found no link between Cigarettes and cancer. Makes it hard to trust doctors. Trump's Doctor said he was 'fit as a fiddle' when this guy is fat and eats cheeseburgers every day. Plus Dr. Oz, a peddler of snake oils.

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The politicians sold off the water rights to two different private companies for money/bribes/donations. One of which is SUEZ. Now one of the reasons they did this (besides money) is that our water system in the USA is crumbling very quickly and it will cost trillions to fix it all. By privatizing it, you can 'pass the buck' to that company, but the politicians also gave them protections against lawsuits for shitty water. So you are stuck paying more money year over year with no ability to fight it, and getting worse quality water year over year. The only hope is that at some point if there is a water catastrophie they will have the money to fix it (which they won't have either the money or ability), they will just blame the city or ask for more tax payer dollars to fund the fix. In some states laws have even been passed where it's illegal to collect rain water and filter it yourself. Water in the USA is going to be a huge deal in the future, and privitizing it and then creating laws against citizens means that companies like CocaCola can lock down stealing all the water they want, pollute the rest, and then sell you the same water you are already paying for. The future is bleak my friend.

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I am a big fan of Dr. Atkins research into low carb/keto diets. I am also a success story, going from 300 lbs to 147 lbs in 8 months on Keto. I kept off from age 26-40, and now with jobs, metabolism, and stress, am back up to 180 and now back on the Atkins diet. I can honestly say, that the case Dr. Atkins makes against the sugar industry is pretty amazing, and all the 'cheap food' we eat and how bad it is for us.