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Is there really a rivalry firefighters have with police? Or is that just Hollywood bs?

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How has your country been recovering since the 2015 earthquakes?

Btw, thanks for posting. I have a lot of respect for your climbers and Gurka soldiers. Your country makes some of the toughest and most courageous people I've ever heard of.

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Haha, right on. Do you play softball or any sports against them?

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I think you're confusing correlation with causation, there is no evidence nicotine causes mental illness. But there is a lot of evidence that mentally ill people try to self medicate, with nicotine & other drugs. I've also never heard of nicotine causing memory loss or exacerbating mental illness (in fact I'm pretty sure nicotine helps with memory retention). Can you point to one study that supports these claims?

In fact, there is evidence that giving prisoners e-cigs (and prisoners have higher rates of mental illness than the general population) helps significantly reduce violent incidents while they're incarcerated.

Here's one study, from a very reputable journal, supporting the claim that quitting smoking for mentally ill patients actually makes their mental state deteriorate: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanpsy/article/PIIS2215-0366(17)30209-2/fulltext

I agree we should try to prevent people from starting to use nicotine and we should help those who've already started to quit. But I'm generally not in favor of prohibition of things, it just creates black markets, and then there's the fact that young people tend to be drawn to trying the "forbidden fruit".

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Looking back on your career, are you happy with your decision to go into law enforcement?