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I used to have similar thought when I was in my young teens (now 20). The way my father helped me accept what death is, was by asking me if I was concerned with the billions of years I've already missed. I answered no, so he said why should you be scared of the years you will miss when you die, you were not concerned about living before your birth.

This really helped me and I try and live life to its fullest and try to say yes to everything, even though I do not enjoy venturing outside my comfort zone.

Make sure you enjoy life and try and not dwell on the end. Live for now :)

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Hi Kev,

How do you feel about the way you were treated as a first term prime minister and do you believe that Australian politics can ever move out of this disengaging era?

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Hi Scott, i love the greens however there is one thing about the greens that puts me off a bit. Do you think the greens will ever change their view on nuclear power? Australia seems like the perfect place geologically to have some stations and would emit a substantially smaller amount of CO2.

Thanks for your time

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America has just authorised the shippment of weapons to syria to aid the rebels in their war. do you feel that this is creating another terrorist organisation that could one day go against america, much like the taliban did?

PS. not related to the drones but want to hear what you think :)