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Hey guys. I credit 'One Week' with being one of the first songs to get me into 'bands', if that makes sense? Anyway, just wondering, why no UK tour?

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Hi David. One of my favourite films is 'Run Ronnie Run'. With Mr Show due back on our screens, what are your feelings on that film now. Do you feel it's aged well?

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Agreed. It's such a fascinating subgenre of music that so many people don't realize was integral to the shoegaze and mainstream indie movement we still have today.

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Does the film cover the C-86 movement in much detail (ie the Shop Assistants, Galaxie 500 etc)?

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Hi Robert. Huge fan from the UK here.

Is it true that you regret having Rick lose his hand in the comics? I don't know where I heard or read that, but it'd be great to get some clarification!

Keep up the amazing work. The comic keeps going from strength to strength.