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I am not using Junkie XL for film releases anymore;

Hans and I talk regularly! Last week the last time..We always exchange insights in the business or talk synthesizers or sounds!!

Gary is such a cool person; very down to earth yet so musical and an incredible performer!!

Yes I am scoring Army

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It was incredible to work with George Miller! He is so visionary! That also means he will push me to pull out the max of what was possible for the music in the film! It was a scary experience at first for me because he had worked with classic icon composers like John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith

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That is so awesome!! Thank you!

In those days I played a lot of reworked tracks that I did that never got released because of copyright issues... Also I would rework my own tracks just for live purposes. On top of that; the gigs were live gigs in which I was able to manipulate the sequences so they never were quite the same! I hope that answers it...

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Actually for study purposes its not so hard to study and read sheetmusic. It becomes completely different when you have to read and play or conduct. In that case speed is of the essence. But not for study. Order some of these Dover scores online of great classical works and see how the real masters did their voicings, how they arranged woodwinds. The roll of brass with woodwinds. And also how to present thematic material and how to develop it throught a piece.

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I do! Primarely classic composers though. Strawinski, Scriabin, Ravel but also older film composers like Steiner and Bernard Hermann