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What is the greatest and most moving experience you have had with a fan? In relation to the question, I'd like to quickly say that when I met you at asylum 12, you offered me a lot of support about being a member of the LGBT+, and it was extremely moving and has got me through some tough times since as I am now in a position where coming out would be dangerous. So it got me thinking that you must have touched the lives of so many people, and I was wondering if anyone has touched yours in return.

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Thank you. I don't think you understand how profound your impact is on people, even reading this message has made me inexplicably happy. And I'm pretty sure you are the one that gave me the strength to get through the difficult time. You honestly do help people in so many ways.

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I was wondering if you would ever think about doing something else around other animals to which people are commonly scared off? The one that comes to my mind is bats, but I'm sure there are more.