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today_is_yesterday1 karma

PLEASE Answer this one... I asked the same question. I am VERY confused how this can be non-partison when it just seems that the message from one party is GO VOTE, PLEASE GO VOTE, and the other party is targeting suppression and spreading misinformation about voting fraud...

today_is_yesterday1 karma

How is it possible to be non-partisan in what you are trying to do here? When I hear the words "make sure you vote", it has democratic implications because it seems like the more people that vote, the happier democrats tend to be and angrier republicans get.

Perhaps my thoughts aren't coming out right, maybe someone can see where I am going with this? We are conditioned by the media we consume (i.e. reddit, cnn, fox, facebook, twitter, whatever....) but when i hear GO Vote! my mind is conditioned to think ok this is a Democrat saying this.

Perhaps I need someone that consumes the republican world to weigh in but i feel the message is that Voter Fraud is everywhere! = Republican viewpoint. I don't hear the message, REPUBLICANS GO OUT AND VOTE.

Anyone else with a non-partisan or less bias have any thoughts on this?