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If I can offer one piece of advice my uncle gave me when he was battling cancer:

- Do everything you can to enjoy the little things!

Here's hoping it all goes well for you bud!

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How does one join a DnD group if they're a bit of an introvert? I've always had interest in playing but I don't even know where to begin and no one seems to have the patience for a new guy which can lead to feeling like you're only bothering people....

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Have you ever seen a trick or even something in your day to day life that you still can't explain?

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Very cool! Thanks for answering!

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Thanks for the advice!!

Unfortunately all of my friends look down on DnD and people who play it because they're dumb 37 year old's who don't want to open themselves up to new experiences. So I'd probably have to find a separate group of people and seeing as I probably wouldn't be comfortable approaching people in public I think the DnD Discord is probably the way to go. Would you have a link for that?