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tncivil2130 karma

Good morning Mr. Marohn. I’m a civil PE working with land developers in one of the hottest markets in the southeast. I’ve always perceived the (let’s call it) “shallowness” of our clients’ goals and the negative impact they tend to have over time on the community. I’m certainly in favor of development, more housing, etc., but as you outline in your books, public and private sectors have misplaced priorities and end up trading long-term stability for short-term growth.

You have clearly found your “niche” to use your talents and specialized knowledge to help make things better, and educate others about the problems we face. What recommendations do you have for others in your profession who want to do the same?

I’ve often considered moving to a different industry, but of course that does little to solve the underlying problem. At the same time, short of declining to work with certain clients, there are few opportunities in my current line of work to be vocal about healthy development (and thus, against most of what is being constructed in our market currently).