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Eyelash puller here! I am well aware of the shame you feel after pulling eyelashes, even if it feels so darn good! Everyone with a BFRB will need dozens of different tools to help them - cognitive tools (like therapy, meditation), behavioral tools (yoga, barriers like bandaids, etc), possibly pharmacological tools, and DEFINITELY peer support. Some barriers I like to prevent pulling my lashes out are wearing eyeglasses, eyeliner (so I won't smudge it), castor oil (very sticky, prevents pulling), and not looking in the mirror AT ALL. I also use Latisse, a drug that is used for glaucoma but has cosmetic benefits for those with trichotillomania because it catalyzes growth of lashes, which I've found helpful.

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Hello! Skin picking disorders can be related to anxiety disorders, but also can exist on their own. As her partner, anything you can do to help her "rev down" her nervous system is great! People with BFRBs don't always know how to help themselves manage their behaviors, so sometimes it is hard to get a straight answer on how to help as their partner. Consider attending TLC's Parent's and Family Support Group online (monthly) to learn more! Thank you for being such a dedicated and caring husband by posting here.

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Represent! Although I prefer hair-puller :) ComB treatment (Comprehensive Model for Behavioral Treatment) and HRT (Habit Reversal Therapy) have both shown to be effective. Oftentimes, BFRBs can be difficult to treatment because they require many different modules used together from different therapeutic approaches, in addition to pharmacological treatment (for underlying diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, attention-deficit disorder, etc).

Here is an article for ComB: https://www.bfrb.org/component/content/article/231

Other resources can be found on our website, bfrb.org!

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Hello! Welcome! Love informed doctors! We hear this from people all the time! We say they are the most common disorders that no one has ever heard of. You are not alone! The most common BFRBs are: Excoriation (Skin Picking) Disorder, Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Disorder, Nail biting, and Cheek biting. Other BFRBs include (but may not be limited to): Onychophagia – (nail biting), Onychotillomania – (nail picking), Trichophagia - (hair eating), Dermatophagia - (skin eating), Lip Biting, Cheek Biting, Tongue Chewing, and Trichotemnomania - (hair cutting).

Again, welcome! You can go here to Learn About BFRBs

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There are different "levels" of all BFRBs. Nail biting is more socially acceptable, and a lot more people do it at a subclinical level where it doesn't negatively impact their life. To be considered a BFRB the behavior negatively impacts the person's life and the behavior has a compulsive aspect. More information on nail biting is available here. It is definitely possible that hair pulling and skin picking are underreported (right now research is showing about 2% of people).