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I'm wondering if there is any safe way at all to place backdoors into encryption. In my opinion it's quite stupid, as it could allow bad faith actors to crack open pretty much everyone's private communication and track those who oppose them. But does that track technically? Is there some kind of encryption exchange or anything at all that could make secure backdoors.

My money's on no.

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Good show! I'll take this under advisement. I'm a little paranoid of dragnets and the ever looming head of societal breakdown/revolution leading to authoritarianism. To me it's a big problem considering political dissidents, journalists, whistleblowers, resistance groups, etc. Just look at China and their national social credit score. Heck, if I'm not mistaken they employ their own encryption algorithms, which is dubios at best. Not to mention those two low-power cheap encryption schemes the NSA released which was rejected by the Linux Foundation and the ISO. For someone like me who can't read cryptographic math, it's all scary AF.