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I know that you and Michael have had interest in an Animorphs movie, but Hollywood apparently has not. Is there a possibility of it ever getting off the ground? And please tell me that you'd wait for an offer that could provide enough funding to do it justice. I'd hate to see a bad movie kill future chances for good adaptations. There's so much in Animorphs that would be best expressed onscreen.

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I like the way you respond to this guy's untagged /s, on the off chance he's being real. You're good people.

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Have not made many medical dramas, but I'd recommend relying less on smoke break connections, and more on the making stuff. We're lucky enough to have this utility that allows us to communicate with people around the world, so we can collaborate and share our collections of audio waves and coordinated pixels.

I've seen you around, Ramses, though admittedly only seen your text pixels, so not sure what part of the television industry you're looking to break into. But if I were you, I'd make something(s) short, witty, and also funny and/or emotionally poignant so that you require less than a smoke break to convince people that you're someone they should know. Yeah, the content is the tough part, but that could also be part of why David was a little brash, by our reddit talk-about-it-all standards.