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tjgamir7 karma

Wow! I just found about about you and I'm inspired! I'm going to start following your travels now. Traveling the whole world and stepping on every country is on my bucket list, and you're doing the same thing (I guess you won't go to some countries only accessible by air/sea travel [this is just me saying I want you to come to the Philippines lol])... and with Savannah! Anyway, my questions are:

  1. What's in your bag? Do you have something special that you brought from home, perhaps something like a good luck charm or one thing you cannot live without?
  2. Have you met a friend on your travels who you would like to talk to constantly after you finish your adventure?
  3. How do you catch up on news about your family? On tv shows you watch?
  4. What do you usually do when walking in a very secluded place? Listening to music, podcasts, talking on the phone?
  5. So far, what country has the nicest people?

Idea - make a map of your entire trek, or even a book after you finish. I for sure will buy it.