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This is an AMA... why not ask that?

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Not a question, just a little solidarity from a 30-something cancer patient. Esophageal, turned to stage 4 about 18 months ago, been on two different chemo treatments since then. Currently on something similar to you, involving oxaliplatin, which is one hell of a drug isn't it? Fuck that shit. Fuck cancer.

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OK, I'm really sad the album was removed. People are far too sensitive. This is real life, and you had to live it, other people can't even stand to look at it? Cry me a river.

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Ever heard of Al Capone?

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How do you feel about issues regarding cancer funding being so driven towards breast cancer research, seemingly at the expense of researching other cancers, especially those that affect predominantly men?

Context: I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a little over a year ago and was floored by the statistics regarding the poor survivability of this cancer, and that it affects mostly men. Funding towards this cancer seems woefully inadequate considering how aggressive it is compared to other cancers, and how high the morbidity rate is of this one compared to breast cancer is. (At the risk of sounding insensitive, my sister died of breast cancer at age 30, so I'm no stranger to this awful disease). Funding to help men get through cancer diagnosis in terms of charity organizations is also seriously inadequate compared to women, but that's for another thread.