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He doesn’t have any. When he’s not stalking the Papadopoulos’ he’s pretending to have insider information with top sources that don’t exist. For example here’s him a few months ago telling a user he knew sources that were going to corroborate the Michael Cohen/Prague story. https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/aa0boq/cell_signal_puts_cohen_outside_prague_around_time/ed6lzn4/

To no one’s surprise a month later we all learned he did not go to Prague.

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It's funny that the NYT thinks people forgot about Sarah Jeong.

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Practically 0. I don't think people realize how much Ted Cruz turns out his base, and with O'Rourke being anti-gun by most measures he doesn't stand a chance. This is going to be Wendy Davis 2.0.

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Andrey Baranov as well as had a handshake and exchange with Russian Deputy PM Dvorkovich and others

We don't spy on people for doing meet and greets, especially when they're in the public and not secret. If that's the case Tulsi Gabbard should have a FISA warrant on her for meeting with Assad.

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Why did the NYT change an accurate headline last night in order to appease whiny liberal journalists and Dem staffers? You guys continue to claim you're a nonpartisan news organization, so why are we supposed to believe that when something like this happens?