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Managing a Kickstater they probably bled enough during that single month.

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Not OP, but I ran a KS in August. The highs and lows of that month are so extreme that it's really hard to handle. Our first day we raised $6k, so I was over the moon. But then it took two weeks to break $12K (our goal was $20k). I felt like that first day was a false positive and we were a complete failure. We had $1k days, and some days we actually went down from backers pulling out.

In addition to the rollercoaster of fundraising, you need to deal with all of the feedback. We had an amazing community that gave us a ton of positive reinforcement, but we also had lots of critical responses. This led to woulda, coulda, shouldas, and before I knew it I wanted to close the whole thing so I could work on development for another few months.

This part won't be true for everyone, but I was also glued to my updates. Every time someone backed us, I got a notification on my phone. Everytime someone commented, pulled their pledge, lowered it, increased, or messaged I'd get a notification. I'd regularly wake up in the middle of the night to check for updates, notifications, or to just stare at that fundraising number. It dominated my life in a very negative way.

Running a KS is intense, and in a lot of way damaging to your mental health. But it's also an amazing tool that lets indie devs get their ideas made.

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Dude... You aint kidding. Running a KS induced my first ever anxiety attack, so yea. IT'S REAL FUN GUYS!

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Hi Ian,

Thank you for doing this AMA. I am a US citizen and another recent graduate. While my field of study was admittedly not the most lucrative (illustration and design) I have found that there is plenty of work out there. The only problem is that no one seems to be willing to pay a rate that is reasonable to a college graduate with student loans. Many jobs offer a flat rate of only $100 USD or so for a 15 hour job, or hourly rates in the range of $8.50 to $13.50 USD.

Do you think that the high unemployment rate is making it easier for employers to take advantage of the young workforce and undercut their wages because competition for ANY kind of job is so high right now?

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Other than technology and economic downturn

He isn't saying that it's different, but he is citing those specific complexities that are affecting the job market.