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timrosenblatt313 karma

Vegas is a rad album. You guys grew up in Vegas. It seems that there's a story in the track listings -- sort of a Vegas-version of a Greek tragedy. Is it a intentional that:

  • "Trip Like I Do" - this is where Las Vegas seduces people into "want to be like me"?
  • "Busy Child" - the protagonist arrives in Vegas and gets down to business
  • "Cherry Twist" - protagonist is getting down at the tables, getting drinks? The whole song has that kind of early-night Vegas vibe
  • "High Roller" - protagonist gets money. Vegas might not be for everyone, but it's definitely the place for our hero!
  • "Comin' Back" - Vegas doesn't let go of it's money. Of course our protagonist is going back.
  • "Keep Hope Alive" - it doesn't go well. But you should keep trying! It's darkest before the dawn, kinda deal.
  • "Vapor Trail" - poof, the money is gone up in a cloud of smoke
  • "She's My Pusher" - protagonist ends up stuck in Vegas, working for the casinos only to spend their extra money at those very casinos -- really caught up in the system
  • "Jaded" - the frustration at the situation
  • "Bad Stone" - the end.