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timhortonsbitchass2 karma

Hey Sam! Two questions, one fun one serious.

Fun question: Have you seen the new HBO show, Years and Years? It's speculative fiction, but spends a lot of time on speculating what the news will be like in the future. I think you might like it!

Serious question: As an experienced journalist, what's your speculation on the future of journalism work itself, and did the current state of journalistic work have any role in you choosing to launch your own podcast? I graduated from journalism school a few years ago, and now work in finance -- journalism jobs were brutally competitive, nepotistic in hiring, and almost all unpaid for the first 3-5 years out of college. I know some folks in the industry who have worked for reputed publications here in Canada like CBC, Postmedia, Torstar for years, and are still "permalancers".