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Must contain a question??? Ugh!

Okay, are teens today most at risk in terms of self-esteem and personal relationships from easily-accessible anything-goes porn, relaxed attitudes about weed, or social media?

But mostly I just wanted to say I don't know if you're M/F but there is a singular guy at my son's HS and my daughter's MS who parlays his role as teacher/coach into something meaningful and important in the lives of countless kids, it is a special skill to be available, accessible and consequential to/for/with today's teens.

Thanks for that.

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What are your thoughts on beeswax vs. honey as a profit motive?

This came up over the holidays as a dilemma between my daughter, who loves slow-burning candles, and my neighbor, who beekeeps.

Incidentally, we had a swarm in our backyard last year, it was pretty amazing!!

ETA: the noise was outrageous!!