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Linus - I sometimes think about my own interest in going there. I could theoratically do my research locally as well. But I chose Svalbard because... I want to go there? In a way, I'm a tourist as well, but I try to justify it with doing something valuable while I'm there.

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Frigga: When coal mining in Longyearbyen came to an end, the town had to reinvent itself. Or diversify. Tourism plays an important part in people's livelihoods, but it was never investigated if there should be an upper limit and how it could be implemented. Due to Covid19, many things will change now.

I occasionally work on smaller expedition cruises. I like the communication platform for my research. However, I am not reliant on the income, and I would rather not work on bigger ships.

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Frigga: Yes!, His Dark Materials and that film The Golden Compass instantly home in on Svalbard. I couldn't believe it! Mind, Svalbard in summer is not like the book at all. Svalbard in winter is not far off though, esp. if you sit in a small hunter's cabin in the middle of a snow storm (I have to imagine this; I have not done this myself).

When I am guiding tourists, I tell them to pack like they are going to Scotland in late autumn. The summer whether, during which I do my guiding, is fairly changable but not that extreme. Rain mixed with wind chill is a bummer.

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As for Covid, it's dire. People have stayed healthy; I think there is currently someone in quarantine. They simply do not want the virus there as the hospital and the infrastructure could not cope. However, people are out of their jobs! Much hinges on tourism and the tourists are not coming! No one can yet see an end to that situation. Many are leave Longyearbyen for good. Going finish.

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Frigga: Of course that depends on what you go for. If you are interested in Arctic wildlife, I recommend round about end of July: all the newborn are underway then!!! Fox cubs, reindeer calves, chicks of any kind!!!

However, there is also something to be sad for the polar night in Longyearbyen or for when the light comes back and you travel further afield in a snowy, cold but beautiful landscape.

Whatever you do, you will need a guide and polar bear watch. You cannot leave Longyearbyen by yourself.