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What on earth could be stopping your insurance company? Are they being jerks about the accident, or your condition?

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How do you experience a persistent injury? What I mean is, if you break your arm of course you know you have a cast on. Does that cast act like an anchor at all and keep reminding you of the incident in which you broke your arm?

I suppose a better why to ask would be, if you were to keep thinking a specific thought would you remember it indefinitely or would the memory fade with everything else?

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If you want, I could hold their arms back while you have at em.

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Is there any chance the you could "Snap out of it"?

What caused the injury inside your body, was it spinal in nature, an injury directly to the brain?

All of your answers have been extremely interesting. Thanks for doing this!

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Would you consider changing to a tablet to write your thoughts. You can sync it with an application and make your mind searchable in seconds.

Do you prefer the pen and paper for any specific reason?