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Hi Senator Sanders,

I'm a college student in your state, and very proud to call you my (adopted) representative. What steps do you think the United States must take in order to have a sensible energy policy and mitigate the threat of global warming as much as possible? What do you think of President Obama's environmental policy so far? Has it been sufficient?

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It's the character for the syllable tsu in the katakana alphabet, which is used in transcribing foreign words and sound effects. And it also looks like a smily face, which is how most non-Japanese use it.

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Hi all, first off let me say that was a great article and a great piece of investigative work. I'm an aspiring development economist with a particular interest in disaster risk management, so this article was particularly interesting (and more than a little disheartening) for me. I've done some research on Haiti working at a large development research NGO, and it seems that one of the biggest issues in Port-au-Prince is that even highly educated people with good degrees have high rates of unemployment, especially if they don't have personal connections in the government.

One of the things you mention in the article is that the Red Cross tended to rely on expats for technical expertise, when in reality they didn't really know much about the greater cultural and economic context. Are there examples of other NGOs or locally-run organizations that have managed to harness local expertise for good use? To me this seems to be something that would benefit both the Red Cross and the Haitian economy, but I also don't have a sense of how things really worked on the ground.

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I worked as an interpreter for undocumented immigrants for a while, and people like you are an absolute godsend, especially with the absurdity that is the US healthcare system right now.

And now for my completely unrelated question: what are your thoughts on the political situation in East Timor right now? Do you think the country is on a positive path?