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You get an a for political nonsense obfuscating B's. Take your snake oil elsewhere

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Wow that is an extremely light addiction. I am not belittling your struggle or anything but let's just say $300 a week would be an average for a lot of people living in my area. I live in San Diego - we only have black tar and it ranges anywhere from 40-80 a gram. I've made many many observations about opiate addiction and have researched the topic extensively - I think I even have some ideas/theories about opiate addiction that haven't really been discussed at all that could definitely help people trying to quit. If you have any questions at all let me know. I know what it's like to try and quit, fail, see all your friends spiraling to rock bottom.

A few questions out of curiousity: -How much valium did you use to help quell your anxiety/help you sleep? -What part of the country do you live in and what kind of prices do you have? -Are you quitting without the assistance of a program (inpatient or outpatient) -Are you quitting by yourself and do you know andor have friends that are addicted? -What was the catalyst that made you decide to quit? -Do you have a significant other/do your parents andor friends know? -What instrument do you play? :)

Honestly, and again I am not calling you out at all I am just impressed, I have never met a single opiate addict (not somewhat addicted I'm talking 'junkie' which I would think you qualify as - I don't mean this in a berating way it's just the term) that didn't end up carrying their habit as far as they could. What I mean is however much money someone has, all of it goes towards dope. This inevitably leads to some sort of crime whether it be blatant robbery/violence or discreet crime like skimming off the top of your parents' monies (college funds, bank accounts, rifling through purses I've heard it all). I, fortunately, was one of the only people besides another good friend from childhood that got wrapped up in opiates and didn't end up at rock bottom and didn't resort to theft. This was because I was in a similar situation - I was a (relatively) functional addict making money and going to school.

This is a very sensitive topic for me as it consumed the majority of my life for a good 3 years. Again I am really happy that you have taken the first step man. The only issue is that even if the ego/conscious mind rationally realizes addiction is negative no matter what way you look at it, those damn reward pathways and chemical dependencies make things challenging. Also trying to assimilate back into the 'real world' (don't necessarily think this is a good thing but realistically it must be done if you are going to quit), have relationships, obligations and most importantly all the free time. IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVILS PLAY THING. Out of all the many tidbits of advice I can/could offer you, this is #1. DON'T SIT AROUND; do whatever you can to stay busy even if it means pacing around the block. Boredom, depression, and anxiety resulting from thinking about using are often the triggers. Anyways I have been rambling for quite a while now so I think i'll relinquish the floor lol.

This is not a throw-away acct.

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Benzos can be an amazing tool if the individual is properly educated. One must realize, though, that all benzos are extremely physically addicting and habit forming. The withdrawal from benzos is even worse than heroin if you can imagine...Tread carefully and use them for the right reasons. Also if you are running low or can't find stuff, grapefruit will significantly potentiate and prolong the benzos. If you want details let me know. Some might be asking why in the world would I be telling an addict how to potentiate a physically addicting drug. My answer is that it seems benzos aren't his drug of choice and that the OP is leagues more responsible and truly self-motivated - I think he can handle this information responsibly.

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Have you ever come across any of the following?

V97.33XS - Sucked into jet engine

W51. XXXA - Accidental striking against or bumped into by another person

W61.62XD - Struck by duck, subsequent encounter

Y93.D: V91.07XD - Burn due to water-skis on fire, subsequent encounter​.

W61.12XA - Struck by macaw, initial encounter

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It's the sign of a healthy skeptic to question. You facilitating the movement of capital, assuming it wasn't out right dishonest or at the direct cost of others, is a necessary and meaningful thing