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yeah, but he got an offer to interview for a... customer service job at google!

i can't believe this has 11k upvotes. either this is botted, or 90% of reddit has no idea how to write for a resume/ apply for a job.

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It took my mom close to a decade after she started. Going into year 5 we ended up getting displaced by hurricane Katrina, she missed one meeting or deadline and pretty much had to start the process over.

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I've heard that having a disability can help (source: Emory University pre-med office told me [Asian] it would help me get into med school)

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The declined. Google looked at theranos and noped out

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I think there’s a distinction between being there for someone and being taken advantage of. I fully recognize I owe my parents a lot and I am 100% there for them, but if they made some really poor, irresponsible decisions and did not behave like responsible adults there are some limits. Like if they decided to just goof off at 48 and make me their retirement plan I would probably not play along.