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How did someone in general get into the 3rd US Infantry Regiment? Did it require prior military experience, or was that a path that was an option straight from basic?

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Hey John,

Dave Fisher here. We've had drinks at Betahouse and a few other places around town.

Have you been tempted to work for Google/Twitter/Microsoft/Apple/Facebook? Surely they've tried to recruit you, considering your skills and I'm sure they'd pay you handsomely. But at the same time, I know you're the type of guy who isn't just looking solely for a paycheck. Can you talk a bit about what really motivates you in working for an organization like Mozilla or Khan over one that's got a huge amount of funding/revenue and will gold plate your laptop?

Thanks for all your awesomeness. Hopefully I run into you at some point around Somerville.

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Unsure what field you work in, but one thing to remember is that salaries are relatively high for startups due to the scarcity of decently skilled people. Its pretty hard to find a good Rails dev for under 100k/yr. If you need someone that's Rails & Backbone... even more.

So 3-4 people can easily tear through 100k in the first year. And the thing is, you need to raise (and complete raising) of funding for the next round before you run out or you'll quickly lose your employees.

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Still- there is very little that you can get your hands on. The stuff that's $12/lb at Kroger... not it

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Do you also have any personal enjoyment of Gonzo journalism?