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Do you know why it was removed? I need closure

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Yeah, but even if photoshop has 30 developers, that is still a magnificent achievement. Goes to show how many useless project managers and scrum masters they pay for and don't need.

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Every now and then my Internet speed drops and I have to call and complain after which they fix it meanwhile claiming they can't really tell what caused it. How can this happen without them deliberately cutting your connection speed and what can a person do to prevent this or get them to own up to it?

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What is the appeal of blogs and bloggers in general? It's just some dude writing some stuff. Journalists do it all the time. No one is paying them a "patreon" support wage. I dont get what draws people in.

I'm here because it sounded like a weird/interesting path, as I, myself, am considering a career change.... but I certainly wouldn't pay to read it

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Then why the duck does my phone always change a perfectly good "and" into "amd" and "into" into "I to". Wtf