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Do you have ideas on areas that should be badges but aren’t?

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What's the latest on the suspected fatality rate of COVID-19? It's been confusing because we get numbers on "confirmed cases" but those are likely only the worst most obvious cases, when fatality's denominator is all people who catch it.

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Hi! I am curious what piano pieces in your youth and studies were responsible for your leaps forward in skill? I know for me I plateaued a couple of times and then I discovered a new piece that I absolutely had to learn which pushed me forward, and I kind of charted my progress through those pieces. I imagine they're well-reflected on your album, but I'm curious what pieces in your past were most responsible for your technical leaps forward?

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Hi Ray, do you believe 2008 and its recovery (the "beautiful deleveraging") was the end of the long term debt cycle? If not, what prevented that from being true?

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Hi! How important would you say it is to have lots of interests and hobbies in common?