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This, food stylists are magicians but you don't want to eat it


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Los Angeles´┐╝, Ohio, seawolf, or Virginia class. Which is the best, worst and why?

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Since it doesn't rely on Doppler mode it's just reflectivity allowing for basic detection.

In Doppler you need a shift in the returning frequency to understand the movement of air or precipitation but the size of airborne radar is smaller which means your beam width is smaller.

Smaller radars like this are prone to a radar phenomenon called rain fade which prevents Doppler radar returns from working deep into heavy rain making them obsolete. When you turn off Doppler mode and go for straight reflectivity rain fade is no longer as big an issue since it's less about the frequency of the return signal and more about the presence of the return signal.

You can see this very well comparing NOAA NEXRAD vs NOAA/FAA's TWDR. For reference look at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminal_Doppler_Weather_Radar#Comparison_with_NEXRAD

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These are newish (comparative) and I agree. They have a premium tho

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Well yes, and no one cares about the breakman, lets be honest