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throwawayx11121315 karma

Wow. I’ve never seen someone who wasn’t an addict describe the reason why I use so perfectly. It’s encouraging to see that there are some people in this world who understand, at least at some level.

My drug of choice is heroin and I absolutely love the moment I enter that warm blissful state of euphoria where I can simply just exist, and I don’t have to worry about the fact that I’m almost 25 and haven’t done anything meaningful with my life, or that I’m barely surviving financially and unless something unlikely happens, I’ll probably have to live like this for the rest of my life. Or that my mother has no retirement money saved up and I won’t be able to help her because I can barely help myself, despite the fact that she is such a good hearted woman and doesn’t deserve to live in poverty, especially after the hard life she’s already endured, or the fact that none of this matters in the long run and my existence on earth is simply long stretches of suffering with brief moments of “happiness” sprinkled in, if you can call it that.

Anyway, Dr. Banimahd, you mentioned that this is what you are fighting. How are you doing so, and what can you recommend to those of us that suffer from this existential angst in order to try and combat it?

throwawayx1112136 karma

Well, what’s your stance on inpatient rehab programs?

For example, I’m still covered under my mothers insurance and could go to a 30 day inpatient program right now, but I have done so in the past with pretty shit results.

So I can either go to rehab and possibly lose my job (shitty little medical diagnostic tech gig), or try to get on suboxone and do it on my own.