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Top sirloin cap steak is fantastic and comparatively pretty cheap. Rub with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and cayenne and you get pretty close (maybe better) than Central Cal Tri-tip.

Really tasty stuff.

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Super Rica?

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Do you think that sharks matter in terms of ecosystem stability and resilience? Could you provide some peer reviewed research to support where you think the weight of evidence lies.

Are there some potential benefits to low shark abundance that outweigh the benefits of high shark abundance?


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One of the 'excuses' for sea world is that it promotes visibility of these species and thus increases conservation awareness and protection. Although it sounds nice is there any evidence for this?

I've been to lots of zoos in Asia and besides being shit their animal right and conservation interests are usually quite poor.

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who was in the right? The European's or the Sherpas?