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It's jail, but you're outside in these big military style tents with bunk beds. In Phoenix, and I was there in the summer; So needless to say it gets pretty toasty. They pay more for their dog food than they do for their inmate food apparently.

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Not too sure on prices since I didn't do any of them, but I know they were seriously close to street prices if not a small premium. Got offered to smoke spice (which they called "chicken", funny story on how I figured that one out..) for free.

I witnessed some guy next to my bunk get hooked on pills, "lose" his wallet and was just a whole mess and came out with an addiction he didn't come in with.

Super easy. I'm talking...retardedly easy. For example, one distinct moment, if you get caught smoking cigarettes (against the rules but yet they're pretty "chill" about it if you aren't a douchebag, on the way in they said cigarettes are against the rules but the guard said "if you pay more than $2 each though, you're getting ripped off" which I laughed at.), anyway, this guy got caught smoking and if you get caught they make you clean up trash or something like that for an hour or two.

He was walking by asking us if we some trash, and word for word this is what he said "Got any trash?...[looks around a tiny bit] Want some morphine?" someone next to me sounded interested (i just said nah man no thanks) and asked what it was like and he related it to heroin. He's like "you want some man I got it on me right now".

There was more drugs in that small yard than there probably were in the 10 mile radius of the jail...seriously.

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Not quite sure what you meant by that? Can you elaborate?

I talk to police all the time if I see them in person, and am thankful for what they do; I broke the law, was stupid, and got caught. I deserved it, and I'm actually glad it happened in a weird way. Otherwise I seriously don't think I would have stopped and learned my lesson. Sounds cliche but whatever.

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There's two totally separate areas. The "N-yard" which is for the inmates who committed more serious crimes and were there for longer. They had the striped jumpsuit and pink underwear, etc. They had to change in front of everyone on the processing in as well (get naked in front of like 20 dudes).

Luckily, being my first offense and I "had a job" (work for myself, Judge was pretty lenient since it was a first offense..ever.. for me), I got what's called Work Release.

Work Release means on the weekdays, I got to leave at 7am and had to be be back by 7pm to spend the night there. You had to spend the whole weekends there as well (60 hours total). But you also got to wear your civilian clothes, and that alone was quite awesome. Thank god.

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Speeding. That was it, wasn't swerving or anything (not that it matters, just saying). I think I was going like 55 in a 45, that's when they saw me, then apparently I did like 55 in a 30...which I believe is technically felony speeding (but they never ever even mentioned that, and dropped all speeding charges). By the time I noticed the lights, I was about .2-.3 miles away from my house. Wasn't even mad (being drunk), I moreso though it was "fake" or "not happening" or idk, I kinda just went with the flow...accepted my fate, I guess you could say. Was honest and nice with the guys. They got me.

But yeah it was also in my very own driveway when I got field tested/arrested and whatnot.