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Sandia Lab is a government agency there is no business model. They provide testing for lots of federal services including running the Tonopah Test Range for national security testing.

Interaction with Sandia may have been through an innovation contract ie SBIR or STTR which puts federal dollars directly into commercial R&D efforts for products with both government and commercial value. There's a LOT of SBIR/STTR stuff happening right now with COVID etc and it could give them access to Sandia as a requirement for testing efficacy of the device.

I don't have a dog in this fight at all and am skeptical of the claims, and Sandia isn't peer review, but it does appear to be independent testing which should count for something.

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I'm curious if you found "The Button" April Fool's joke a few years ago as fascinating as I did?

For anyone who doesn't know, that AF reddit posted a sub that had a countdown timer and button that could be pressed to restart the timer. It was not revealed what would happen when the timer reached zero.

What ensued was simply amazing. Spontaneous communities and factions sprung up dedicated to pressing vs not pressing. They created their own subs and plotted and shitposted to themselves and each other. "Neutral" factions sprung up. They developed their own lingo and culture and everything. The anti-pressers referred to the "Filthy Pressers" etc.

It went on for MONTHS.

To.me it was a beautiful microcosm example of humans self selecting into social groups and creating in groups and out groups.

I'm curious if you did any research on that particular episode in reddit history?