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throwaway2ff2 karma

And yet when the Westboro Baptist Church did an AMA, they were not ruthlessly downvoted for being "hateful". Instead, the Reddit hivemind insisted on upvoting them, because the hivemind wanted to distance itself from those conformist, non-edgy r/atheism jerks.

This website makes me ashamed to be human.

throwaway2ff1 karma

Well done on stating the obvious. Of course upvoting/downvoting is within the capability of the community, that does not mean they should ruthlessly downvote content they disagree with.

Reddit is unique in the sense that downvoted content is basically barred from view. That means, by downvoting content, you are basically showing that you are intolerant of other peoples views. And in the case of Anne Coulter, who believes all liberals are facists, you are basically proving her right.