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It's mind bottling.

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They focus mainly on pediatric cancer, but since you were diagnosed as a child you may still qualify. If your social worker hasn't turned you on to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation yet, check them out.

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They provide some travel grants for families and other services.

A close friend lost a toddler to hepatoblastoma and they were wonderful with my friend's family.

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We have a C grade mall here- anchored by a Target that literally walled itself off from the outside mall, a gym, a Sears, and Ashley. They just did a facelift where they turned it into a 'shoppes' style place where there are basically no internal entrances and you have to walk outside to get anywhere. We are in the PNW. Why on earth do I want to walk outside for over half a mile to get from one end to the other? Answer: I don't. I don't go there anymore.

The facelift brought in a lot of new stores- Hobby Lobby, PetCo, restaurants, but I don't think it will last. It's depressing to go there.

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I have an anecdote and a question. I had a friend whose chiropractor claimed to be able to adjust her spine and help with her chronically sprained ankles. This smacks of snake oil bullshit of the highest order.

Do you ever suggest things like prolo therapy? I blew out my SI joint a few years back and went for a couple adjustments. The DC recommended I do prolo therapy because it would cause "good inflammation and scarring to stabilize the joint". As a biochemist now studying immunology, I asked him what he meant by good inflammation. He responded that I shouldn't go reading journal articles about prolo because it's universally panned, but that chiropractic medicine was in it's infancy as well.

Basically, I think that getting cracked feels great sometimes, even if it's just a placebo I get from it. But why the pushing of pure bullshit to go along with it?