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Why are only the bad aspects of the residential school system talked about? Not even a near-majority of attendees were abused.

History is filled with millions of examples of people being forced to leave their homes, but rarely for the purpose of being educated.

What about soldiers drafted and forced to murder? They carried on and learned from the experience. They work hard and make a life for themselves.

Why is there no accountability on the part of natives? Over 98% of missing and murdered aboriginal women is because of aboriginal men, not whites.

Why should I, as someone born where I live, be considered an outsider, or a coloniser? Isn't me being called a white devil racism?

How do you explain the insane wealth and quality of life gap between tribe leaders and their populations? Why are chiefs multi-millionaires while their people live in delapidated houses?

If non-native Canadians are all bad, why do you want free fire and police and medicine? Everything modern that improves life, that has allowed you to make it where you are is because of Europeans.

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Funny how you left out formal education, water sanitation, pharmaceutical research, police, fire and western medicine. And all my other questions too.

Glad to see you actually value a balanced conversation.