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I understand where you’re coming from, but I read ‘Little fires everywhere’. The mother gives up her baby due to terrible circumstances and a loving family (like OP’s who has dreamt of a baby for very long) adopts her for around a couple weeks. But the woman wants the baby back and there’s a whole legal battle. I sympathize with OP but that book showed me the other side. The grandparents also have a right to the kid. Who is to say who has more of a right?

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True. Plus this wasn’t about the child anyway, apologies to OP for detracting from her story.

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Hi OP, you kick major ass! My question is: i understand that you’ve wanted children for so long, and that you’ve formed an emotional connection to the baby. But don’t you think the grandparents of the child also have a right to the kid? How is this case proceeding?

(I would never have asked this question but have recently read ‘Little fires everywhere’ and it bothers me that a child can be separated from their biological family even when they are wanted)