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Do you have funny stories of people who went to see Book of Mormon without doing research about it?

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I chanted "i must increase my bust" and nothing happened, can i get a refund??? anywayI hope you see this- I, like many women, grew up on your books. In fact, they taught me to speak English (I'm not from around here) and reading them over and over again really helped with my language. Though my experiences were different from your characters, I felt so close to them and still hold the books dear to my heart. Thanks!'n

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Mr. de Blasio - you made it very clear what practices you would like to see removed from NYPD policy. My question is - what activities should the department ADD in order to increase trust between the NYPD and the community? many thanks

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Israel and Iran - will we ever return to our golden days?? (and yes, we had golden days!)

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So how do you manage to not work on shabbat? teach us all how to disconnect for 24 hours please in the restless world of tech/entrepreneurship