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Bill Murray!

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So... what IS moth dust?

Also, isn't this kind like the Salem witch trials? If it sinks...

Also, if the only way to tell us by directing the... well it hurts to think about, but does that mean females have one too?

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So wait, if they have different aparati (is that even a word) can't you use THAT to tell them appart?

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I'd like to know this,


1a. What platforms to you enjoy the most

2a. If we stop SOPA today, what is to prevent Rep. Smit from re-writing the bill, calling it something different and resubmitting it?

Thank you for all of you hard work. I live in the Dever/Parker area so I couldn't vote for you, but I appreciate what you are doing.

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So your saying that you couldn't play the game because it was in English, but you could read the source code that was... in your native language and somehow not also English?