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Also, if you happen to have to throw away needles I would say safest way is to put them in a laundry detergent container and close the lid and label it. If you want to take it a step further put some tape around the life to stop the lid from unscrewing

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I would say be mindful of anything sharp or pointy you throw away. Especially if you’re putting out a garbage bag not inside a bin. We don’t know what’s in there and it can easily puncture or cut garbage men. Also if you’re putting out just a bag be mindful of the weight, often times we pick up a bag and it’s either too cheap/thin to hold the garbage in and it rips and goes everywhere.

Finally I cannot stress this enough.... DO NOT THROW AWAY COMPRESSED TANKS OF ANY KIND, this means compressed air, helium, propane, fire extinguisher, or any kind of tank of this sort. It will explode and will hurt somebody and in my area the person who threw it away will be responsible. I’ve had too many co-workers hurt in this manner too many times.

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Because the company he picks up for gets paid by the recycling dump for the weight of the recycling so the person taking home the recycling is essentially stealing from the company they work for.

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Most people don’t even think about a sharps container or even know what one is until they need to dispose of a needle and then laziness or ignorance has them just throw them away not thinking that someone could get stuck with that needle. Which is why I advised a detergent bottle. Or anything sealable with hard plastic that won’t puncture

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Well most people don’t actually do that. Detergent containers are strong enough plastic that it won’t puncture.