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Would you want your experiences to be made in to a movie?

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Hey, old Everquest Online (ps2) player with a couple of questions,

  1. Will there be pet classes and when will we hear about them if they come? Also, a personal preference, if you remember the necromancer from EQOA. Is there a possibility such pets like Howling Death and Ancient Death make a return? They were very nice and to this day I always miss them. On that same notion, all of EQOA pets were the best i've ever seen in an mmo. I would love to see all of them return, the black panther, iron golems..

  2. Will there be a controlled enviroment on the price of items that players sell? Countless of times i've seen ridiculous high prices on populair items on auctions in mmorpg's.

  3. Will there be a large amount of gear to, find, earn, loot? What I love about mmorpg's is beeing unique and having gear that almost noone else has, especially at endgame. FFXIV made a horrible sin on the endgame gear where in you'll find hundreds of other players wearing the same as you.

  4. Speaking of beeing unique. How far do you think you will go in creating unique classes? Will they be more unique than Vanguard? And will you shun the Rift system where you can ''hotswap'' between talent trees, which really killed the immersiveness and roles.

Thank you for your time!