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I definitely have clients who hired me because they wanted to talk to a girl for an hour, but it's actually a pretty low percentage. I've also definitely had a few people who just hit on me incessantly during the session, but I turn it into a learning opportunity by calling them out on their behaviour and explaining why it doesn't work. I don't let it make me feel uncomfortable or allow the focus to change from our lesson to his attempt to make it into a date. It's been pretty effective. Humour works pretty well in those situations. When their behaviour is less innocent/more vulgar, I establish strict boundaries really quickly and I have ended a call early once before.

Crazy stories... lots of prostitution requests, lots of requests for feet stuff. Once a guy offered me $24 to see my left tit... lol it's such a specific request. Obviously, I didn't comply.

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I've had clients who I knew I would have a limited impact with based on their physical appearance (people who are morbidly obese, have disfigurements, etc...) because online dating is attraction based. I'm upfront with them and we talk about what I can help with and other options for them. They then decide whether or not they'd like to make an appointment. It's incredibly important to me to never be predatory. I've never had a negative review, and I think it's in large part because I try very hard to be fair and honest. My clients trust me, which means that they keep coming back and they refer me to their friends.

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Stalkers and doxing attempts. I don't use my full name or my face with my business because in the beginning there were a few people who made doxing threats or people who tried their darnest to find me. There was one guy who somehow got himself into a Discord server I use to play video games on, and DMed several people in the server asking if they knew my real address. It completely changed how I ran my business. I hired someone to show me how to make sure my privacy is safe.

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If.You.Stare.Into.The.Camera.With.A.Blank.Expression.On.Your.Face.You.Will.Look.Like.A.Serial.Killer haha.

I spend a huge portion of my days convincing (and then teaching) guys how to smile in photos. Girls have been socialized since childhood to smile pretty for photos, and most guys were taught the opposite. Other than smiling, the most common advice I give is going over their photos and showing them exactly what isn't working and how they are being perceived. We then start working on super specific instructions of how to take new photos that will work for them.

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I did my undergrad in cultural anthropology and human rights. I have a masters in human rights and I'm currently working on my masters in clinical social work. I then want to get my PhD in clinical psychology. I'm extremely interested in the history of culture and human behaviour. My long-term goal is to eventually run my own non-profit for survivors of sex trafficking. That's a good 10-15yrs away though :)

My goal with this business is to be able to do it full-time while I finish school.