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How did your parents deal with this issue when you grew up? Was it addressed when you were a child or ignored?

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Orange is the New Black is the shit. Enjoy that first run through, it's an awesome show!

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Doesn't this cut into your personal life? When/how do you sleep?

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Why are Homo Sapiens (Modern Humans) the only surviving species in our genus? Most other genera consist of multiple species, while ours is limited to only one. What happened in evolutionary history that resulted in homo sapiens being the only species remaining? Shouldn't various variables like continental drift and such have resulted in the simultaneous development (and survival) of a few other species?

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Cephalopod camouflage is a really extraordinary subject and Roger Hanlon has been instrumental in current research in the area. He recently theorized that across all animal taxa there exists only three basic camouflage patterns, uniform, mottled, and divergent. Is it actually evolutionarily possible that all animals fit into this scheme?

Also: You guys are awesome and thanks for the great work!