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Interesting that you are not getting any answers there. I hope you will.

Talking to many people, mental health professionals and having read about the topic of trauma and CPTSD and mental health quite a lot it seems obvious that being bipolar, being depressed and most other mental disorders are rooted in trauma or CPTSD and are amplified or mitigated by personal sensitivities. Most these mental health issues are mainly symptoms of unresolved trauma or CPTSD that have spiraled out of control over time, and that if the trauma or CPTSD gets dealt with, the said mental health issues/symptoms will greatly be reduced or even disappear.

But that's not so convenient nor comfortable to consider if you have made a living out of studying and helping people managing the trauma or CPTSD symptoms called bipolar disorder.

If someone has been shot by a gun it isn't that helpful to tell him he is suffering from bleeding and apply a bandage to soak up the blood. You need to remove the bullet and disinfect the wound, inspect the damages caused by the bullet, repair what can be repaired such as possible damaged bones and organs and apply stitches.